Decoding E-Money

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October 28, 2016 – December 23, 2016 all-day


Feature Exhibit 

September 26, 2016 to December 23, 2016

Travelling Exhibit from the Bank of Canada





The RCMP Heritage Centre is proud to be the first organization to host this new Bank of Canada, state-of-the-art, exhibit ‘Decoding E-Money’  that will be travelling across Canada.

What is E-Money exactly?

It’s in your gift cards and maybe even your transit pass. It’s starting to appear on your phone. How far is it going to go and why? Decoding E-Money takes a look at the recent past and near future of e-money and explores the voyage of your dollars from purchase to deposit through various traditional and e-payment systems.

Explore more than 60 artifacts covering the way Canadians have spent their money over the course of 200 years. From trading tokens to the most recent precursors of today’s e-money, these artifacts at one time challenged our notions of acceptance much the way the Bitcoin challenges us today.

Don’t miss the interactive modules of this exhibit including:

  • Mining Bitcoin Game (a 3-person game to learn more about mining)
  • Interactive timeline
  • Small animated video on Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency (understand how users buy cryptocurrency, pay with it or earn it)
  • Payment Card System with interactive map and 4 screens where visitors can find more information on the different methods of payment
  • An interactive quiz.

Decoding E-Money also comes with educational programming, featuring ‘Code Runners’ and ‘Playing with Interest’. These programs coincide with the Math and Social Studies curriculum in all Canadian Schools. If you are interested in booking a school group, please contact Christine Van Der Merwe, Coordinator of Programming at or 306-719-3007.









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