A stand-alone, not-for-profit, charitable organization mandated to share the story of the RCMP.

Upcoming Exhibits

In recent years, the Centre has continued their effort to offer visitors a unique look at the RCMP culture by exploring new, state-of-the-art technologies to immerse visitors in the story of the RCMP like never before.

New in 2017, those both young and young at heart will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of being in the driver’s seat of a squad car on duty and discover the pressure of cadet training through two brand new interactive exhibits!

In partnership with Melcher Media, the RCMP Heritage Centre will give visitors a glimpse at cadet life through a first-of-it’s-kind technology, the Microsoft HoloLens.

This exhibit features an exact replica Cadet dorm room. However, unlike a typical dorm, not everything is quite right. Visitors put on the extraordinary HoloLens Glasses to reveal the Sergeant Major standing right there in the room thanks to this innovative Augmented Reality technology! The meticulous attention to detail expected of all Cadets is discovered as the Sergeant Major guides visitors through the process of preparing the room for inspection. While attempting to organize and sort the room according to the strict standards of an RCMP Cadet, the Sergeant Major interacts with visitors to provide an unprecedented, true-to-life experience. Whether offering praise for a job well done or correcting errors around the living space, this edutainment experience will delight all ages while coming to a better understanding of cadet life.

Another exciting new exhibit combines the experience of being at the wheel of a real police car with driving simulation technology to test visitors’ metal. Behind the wheel, visitors learn what it takes to drive a police car, what officers look for on patrol, and search out offences taking place. Visitors must identify dangerous situations and be tasked with the ability to activate emergency equipment, all the while operating the vehicle in a safe manner!

With a focus on sharing the past, present and future of the force, the RCMP Heritage Centre is committed to finding and using innovative technologies such Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality to give visitors the opportunity to experience life of Cadets and Members in a way never before available.

There is truly something for everyone at the RCMP Heritage Centre. Stop in soon to explore an exciting and rare glimpse at this unique side of Canadian history.