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From Sea To Sea was created by Carleen Ross:
A creative art series representing the RCMP.
Released for Canada’s 150 celebration.
The Recruit, illustrates the beginnings within a new career. Where we look to the older
members for guidance and support, as we begin our new adventure towards a greener
With any new career we are filled with excitement and awe at the path we are starting
on. Whether it is literal or symbolic the new recruit will walk on a different surface, than
those that have been there before them. This difference in path is illustrated with the
green earth that the younger bison is walking on. The older bison is no longer on the
green path, as it has begun to move off of the wonder and on to experience. This is also
rooted in tradition with the new recruits at the training academy. The recruit is only
permitted to walk on the sidewalks of the academy after they have attained a certain
level of marching experience, that is put to the test at the drill hall. Once they leave the
academy the recruit will work under the guidance and support of a senior member
through their field training, until they are ready to “step off” on their own. The two
bison help to tell this story by the older bison standing behind the younger one, as if to
say, I have your back.
With every new beginning we will have times where we are unsure of ourselves. If we
could only look ahead of path we have begun, we might see that our shadows will cast
different than we expected them to. This is where we are going and what we will be, it
will be our success. To the rest of society, we will see the member for what they stand
for; for how they handle themselves in public; for how they create a safer place for us.
This piece is framed in oak, as it is believed that oak wood is the symbol of strength,
courage, integrity. The RCMP stand up to protect the people and their communities,
and they stand up against those that do not believe in law and justice. The frame choice
is in a circle type formation as to show that with all things there are no beginnings or
ends with protection, beliefs, healing, etc; as the cycle continues with your self or with
others following in the path you left.
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