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Where was the RCMP Headquarters located prior to being relocated to Ottawa in 1920?

The Answer is: Regina!

The son of which famous English novelist and social critic served in the North West Mounted Police?

The answer is: Charles Dickens!

What is the name of the boots that Mounties wear with their traditional ceremonial uniform?

The answer is: Strathcona High Browns!

What type of dogs do the RCMP Police Dog Services program use for General Duty, and where do they come from?

Answer: RCMP Police Dog Services only uses purebred German Shepherds for General Duty teams.  Other breeds may be used for Special Detection teams.  The RCMP has a breeding and training program in Innisfail, Alberta.  Indi, the RCMP Heritage Centre education dog is from Innisfail!

What announcement was made by RCMP commissioner Maurice Nadon on May 23rd, 1974?

Answer: on May 23rd, 1974, RCMP Commissioner Maurice Nadon announced that the RCMP would begin accepting applications from women as regular members of the Force.  Troop 17 was the first group of 32 women at Depot Division.  They graduated from Depot on March 3rd, 1975!

What does 'Mounted' mean in the RCMP?

Answer: ‘Mounted’ comes from being mounted on horseback.  Up until 1966, all RCMP Cadets would learn to ride on horseback while training at Depot Division!

What kind of horses are used in the RCMP Musical Ride?

Answer: the RCMP breeds its horses at Remount detachment near Pakenham, Ontario.  They are 3/4 – 7/8 thoroughbred, with the stallions being registered thoroughbred while the broodmares are part thoroughbred.  In March 1989, Black Hannoverian broodmares and stallions were purchased to improve the bloodline.

Has the Stetson always been part of the Mountie uniform?

Answer: When the North West Mounted Police began, they used the Pillbox Cap and Pith Helmet.  This came from the military background of the Force, but did not protect against the elements of Canadian weather.  A few other hats were used until 1901.

Who are the RCMP and what do they do?

Answer: The RCMP are a team of approx. 18,500 police officers, who, along with civilian employees, make up Canada’s national police service.  They are unique in that they provide services at the international, national, provincial, and municipal levels.  RCMP officers ensure public safety and security, investigate crimes, and enforce the law.  Here are a few specializations of members in the Force: Forensic Identification, Drugs and Organized Crime Investigation, Financial Crime, Emergency Response Team, VIP Protective Service, Police Dog Services, International Police Operations, and much more.