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You can run but you can’t hide. Did you know the sense of smell of a German Shepherd Dog is about 100,000x greater than that of a human. K9’s noses are armed with over 225 million scent receptors. Their brains have a “scent computer” devoted solely to processing and analyzing smells that is 40x greater than that of a human. It is no wonder a police K9 can detect odors over a kilometer away!

Fortunately you won’t need the keen senses of a K9 to enjoy this balanced and bold brew.

K9 Coffee Co roasts this just past the medium level. You won’t be hiding from this cup, as your senses will seek more. This roast has balanced medium acidity, with bold flavours of dark chocolate, vanilla, and cherry, while finishing with subtle grape sweetness.

An absolute crowd favorite for those stuck between a medium and a dark roast who want a little more depth than a medium roast without the heavier spice and body of a true dark roast. 

Is it a medium or is it dark roast? Don’t let this roast “Hide” from you, “Seek” and find out why everyone is talking about this one!


Medium/Dark Roast

100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Arabica Bean Coffee

Blend of Asian (Sumatra), South American (Peru), & African (Ethiopia) Beans

Grown 1200-2000 MAS (Meters above sea level)

Process: Washed and dried in the sun


At K9 Coffee Co. by Support Retired Legends they small batch roast organically certified coffee in British Columbia, Canada.

They are proud of their roots and strive to deliver fresh, bold, flavorful coffee while maintaining business in Canada for Canadians. They are the only Canadian Coffee Company whose main mission is to provide financial support to retired police service dogs from coast to coast.

The entire lineup is fairtrade, sustainably farmed, and 100% certified organic. They believe in practices that promote ecological balance by using quality beans grown from farming methods that build both fertility and soil health without the use of harsh chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.

This process is better for our earth, and healthier for our farmers and you the consumer. 

The unique 365 gram size packages help maintain optimal freshness while paying respects to the 365 days a year our Legends remained mission ready during their service careers.