1 mai 2023

Awakening of the Place of Reflection

On May 1 we celebrated the awakening of the Place of Reflection. This special event is a way to welcome this place back with the new season.

In partnership with the RCMP Indigenous Policing Unit and Place of Reflection Committee, our staff, guests from F Division, Depot, Regina Police Service, Regina Search and Awakening of Place of Reflection Rescue, friends of the Centre, and a troop of cadets participated in a smudge, water ceremony for the rocks, and tipi pole teachings.

Located beside the Heritage Centre, the Place of Reflection is a place of potential reconciliation, hope, and healing for anyone who has experienced loss and grief. The stone medicine wheel, created by artist Lyndon Tootoosis, was made of 1,400 stones, representing the number of missing people in Canada at the time of its creation. Since then, people from around the world have brought and laid stones at the Place of Reflection.

To learn about the Place of Reflection, click here. Place of Reflection