This is a major, national initiative of the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre and the RCMP Veterans’ Association, located at the Mounted Police Heritage Centre, in Regina, Saskatchewan “Home of the RCMP.”

Flanked by 21 soaring pillars aligning the RCMP Heritage Centre overlooking the iconic north gate at “Depot” Division, the Princess Royal Walk will become a living legacy for those who help keep Canadians safe and are indeed PILLARS OF THE FORCE dedicated to those who honourably respond to the call of duty, day in and day out and to those who support those who do so serve.

Pillars of the Force will also help ensure the legacy continues and your story of service is shared with generations to come. The Virtual Pillars Wall located inside the Heritage Centre provides a state of the art large digital screen that will share your story of service and provide directional information to locate individual names posted along the Princess Royal Walk.

You are part of this unique Canadian story”.
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