The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) inception followed shortly after and share deep ties with Canada’s Confederation in 1867. For more than 150 years, the RCMP has played a leading role in shaping the Canada we recognize today.

Designed by the world-famous architect, Arthur Erickson, the RCMP Heritage Centre is a statuesque building that is home to the story of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This non-profit organization is located in the capital city of Regina, and neighbours the RCMP Saskatchewan headquarters and “Depot” Division.

 The RCMP Heritage Centre is a non-profit organization, that is not owned, operated, or funded by the RCMP. Every dollar you spend contributes to the work we do!



Explore over a century of RCMP history, from the formation of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) in 1873, to the modern-day Mountie. Discover rare artifacts exclusively available here, including the original 1873 NWMP Uniform, nine-pounder muzzle-loading field gun, or the latest addition of a Beechcraft D18S aircraft purchased by the RCMP in 1946. Told through six informative exhibits and a driving simulator, you are transported through the “March of the Mounties” and its evolution from a frontier police service to what it is known as today.


Since 1885, every RCMP officer in Canada has gone through Depot; teaching respect, honour, and discipline to all its participants. In a 20-minute video, be immersed in the challenging and inspiring life of a Cadet.


RCMP members are born all over the world, but they are made in Regina, Saskatchewan. The RCMP Training Academy, known as the “Depot” Division has been training RCMP members since 1885. Tours take place Monday to Friday, every week from June to September.


The Heritage Centre has various informative Indigenous and Cultural programs. Utilizing the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada giant floor map, interactive activities, and the Place of Reflection located across from the Centre, we aim to help gain insight and build knowledge and growth in our community.


Flanked by 21 soaring pillars, the Princess Royal Walk of the RCMP Heritage Centre has become a living legacy for those who help keep Canadians safe. Walk through this area and be moved by the numerous recognized RCMP Members, families, troops, and detachment groups.


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We acknowledge that the land on which we gather, and where the RCMP Heritage Centre is located is Treaty 4 territory, which is the traditional territory of the Anihšinābēk, Nêhiyawak, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Peoples, and the original home of the Métis Nation. We recognize and acknowledge their culture and contributions.