Frequently Asked Questions


What is a national museum?

Canada’s national museums are designated under the federal Museums Act. Canada’s national museums are responsible for preserving and promoting our heritage at home and abroad, contributing to the collective memory and sense of identity of all Canadians, being a source of inspiration, research, learning and entertainment that belongs to all Canadians, and providing, in both official languages, a service that is essential to Canadian culture and available to all.

Canada currently has nine national museums.


Is the RCMP Heritage Centre a national museum?

The Heritage Centre is not yet a national museum. We are a non-profit organization advancing plans to a national museum. In 2019, federal Minister Guilbeault was mandated to make the RCMP Heritage Centre a national museum and since then we have taken the exciting and necessary steps to turn this mandate and dream into a reality.

The eventual RCMP National Museum will be only the third national museum established outside of the National Capital Region, and the second national museum located in Western Canada.


Why is the Heritage Centre undertaking national engagement?

The National RCMP Museum will be a place full of stories: stories that inspire and unite; stories that expose difficult issues; stories that open the door to a deeper understanding and to new opportunities to know each other better.

We’re committed to hearing from the people of Canada to explore the best ways to honour the past with authenticity and to tell even the most difficult stories with dignity and compassion.

We are undertaking wide-scale, cross Canada engagement with the general public and families of all structures, community groups, equity deserving groups and racialized communities, and LGBTQIA2S+ individuals and groups to ensure we hear from a diversity of perspectives.


What type of engagement will you be doing?

With the support of a firm who specializes in consultation, we will be engaging with people across Canada. Anyone interested in sharing their story or perspectives will have a variety of opportunities and ways to participate including a survey, group discussions, sharing photos or art, and offering feedback. The national museum will be a place for all people, so we encourage you to lend your voice!


How long will engagement take?

Engagement is an ongoing process and consistent practice. While this Canada-wide exercise will occur throughout the fall of 2022, we are developing ways for people to provide feedback and share their perspectives throughout the year, and through multiple touchpoints. If you’d like to participate, please consider taking our survey so we can reflect and incorporate your unique perspective in the results.


How can I participate and share my thoughts, opinions, and perspectives?

There are many ways you can participate! Click the link below to access a survey or choose another way to share your perspective.