Canada’s Newest National Museum

Discovering our shared history, reconciling with the past and celebrating our future: Why Canada needs a National RCMP Museum

The RCMP Heritage Centre is on its way to becoming a National Museum — but is not quite there yet. In 2019, then-Heritage Minister Guilbeault was mandated to make the RCMP Heritage Centre a National Museum, and in Budget 2021, Government further committed with a budget allocation to ‘begin the transition to national’.

Now – we are hopeful for further commitment in this year’s budget to create the National Museum Canadians have asked for.

Your Advocacy Makes a Difference!

Of the 6,400 people surveyed since 2020, 90% say it’s important or very important for there to be a National RCMP Museum that honours and celebrates the courageous contributions of the RCMP while also telling even the most difficult stories with dignity and compassion.

The RCMP is world-renowned and symbolic of Canada. There are countless proud and inspiring chapters of duty, service, and honour in the RCMP’s 150 year history, but other chapters that are difficult and painful. The National RCMP Museum will tell the triumphant stories of duty and commitment, of beginnings, conflict, progress and evolution. These are uniquely Canadian stories that deserve to be told—inspiring, difficult, and everything in between.

Once established, ours will be only the third National Museum located outside of the National Capital Region in Ottawa/Gatineau.

To learn more about our National Museum journey, click on the below resources:

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