The RCMP Heritage Centre offers a variety of engaging educational programming to share the stories of the RCMP and to educate students on the history of Canada’s iconic police force.

The Main Galleries feature a number of exhibitions showcasing the pride, tradition and history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as it evolved from frontier police to a modern police force known the world over. The RCMP Heritage Centre is the ultimate educational experience, with innovative technology and rare artifacts telling the story of the RCMP. Our educational programming will provide students with a greater understanding of Canadian history.

Our programs are specifically developed to support Saskatchewan curriculum.

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Programming Grade Suggestions

Hudson Goes to Depot Pre-K - 3
Mini Mounties K - 4
Fingerprints 3 - 8
Honouring the Buffalo 4 - 8
K9 Kadets 4 - 8
The Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada Giant Floor Map 4 - 12
What Does it Take to be a Mountie? 5 - 8
Métis and the RCMP 5 - 8
Tipi Teachings 6 - 12
The Place of Reflection 6 - 12
Forensics 101 7 - 12
Cypress Hill Massacre 10 - 12

Educational programming, outreach and community cultural events delivered by the RCMP Heritage Centre are proudly supported in partnership with SaskCulture and the City of Regina.

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