October 27, 2021

Community Programs Lead

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is one of Canada’s longest-standing institutions and is deeply embedded in the history and unfolding story of our country. The RCMP and its symbols – the “red serge”, Mounties on horseback, and the Musical Ride – have become icons of Canadian Heritage familiar around the world. 

The RCMP Heritage Centre represents a rich space for historical preservation, exploration of alternate perspectives, and the pursuit of reconciliation, and has become a major destination centre that celebrates the traditions and history of the RCMP. More recently, the RCMP Heritage Centre is embarking on an exciting new chapter of its own story by undergoing the process to become established as a national museum in Canada.

To prepare for the long path ahead, the Centre is building a team today who is bold, passionate, collaborative, and up for the challenge as we take this journey together and deliver on a vision of ConnectionAuthenticity and Pride for all Canadians.

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