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Morning Shift highlights the cold and lonely shifts that some members face each day. Those
mornings where they do not want to get out of bed to face the cold but do so anyways, as there
are others that are dependant upon them.
This piece is one that means so much to my life within the RCMP. My husband would work
many shifts by himself, as it was a very small detachment in rural Alberta. After some of the
scheduled shifts, the members would also have to stay on call through the night. It was on
these long shifts that our house would have phone calls at all hours in the night, waking my
husband up, to go to back to work.
It is engrained into my memory of watching him sit on the edge of our bed to try and wake
himself up, so he could gather all the information that he might need from telecoms, to prepare
himself for what he was about to walk into. Then to only have minutes to get to the emergent
situation to help those that were in need, and seem as if he was not in a dead of sleep just
moments before.
I remember feeling guilty watching him go to work with only a short few hours of sleep, as I
would roll over and sleep through the night. This piece reminds me of my husband standing
there at the beginning of a shift with the dead of night around him, sometimes alone, fighting
off the bitter cold to face the work shift ahead of him.
Although my husband wanted nothing more than to sleep through the night like everyone else,
he got up with no complaints as this is what he chose to do. He chose to help those in need. He
chose to be an RCMP member.
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