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Remembrance, is about all those people, memories, events that have come and gone. To
everything that has a past and we cannot change, whether it is someone who has gone before us
or an event that we were witness to – good times and bad. It is about living in the moment and
honouring our past.
This was actually the second piece that I had completed in this series. It is completed on birch
wood as this wood symbolizes new beginnings and cleansing of past. It is framed in red oak as
this wood is said to be the symbol of strength, courage and integrity. This is the meaning that I
wanted this piece to help convey. The design of the frame is to symbolize a circle – no
beginnings or ends. As the life of the protector will never truly end. They have always been
there, and there will always be another to stand up for what is right; when the older generation
moves on.
I looked at this piece to help create closure for all the experiences that my husband and myself
have had with his service in the RCMP. The good, the bad, the indifferent, the everything. By
working on this piece I realized that I wanted this series to focus on the beauty and wonderful
things within the RCMP.
The main focus of this piece is to be the bison skull, to help symbolize the past; while the other
bison are there in background to say their good byes. They came to remember all that they have
had to say good-bye to, those that have transferred away, those that retired, or to those that left
us much too soon. The dimensions of this piece were purposely created to be 10 x 33. The
emergent call, represents the most difficult of events to remember and to say goodbye to.
I feel blessed that I lived this life for 15 years. I feel blessed that I can say my husband was one
of the good guys. I feel grateful for those that are still there to protect the rest of us. It was not
until my husband retired that we realized that our boys saw him as a hero. They questioned
why he no longer wanted to be a hero, one of the good guys. Our response was that he was still
our hero, just in a different way – Remembrance.
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