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How can you help your child if they get scared or lost and you are not there? How can you help them feel safe around police officers and other first responders? If only there was a storybook with an ice breaker to help kids feel safe. Good news, there is!Autograph of Heroes is a children’s book for children aged 5 to 8 with whimsical characters, entertaining story, and an exciting ice breaker to help children to talk to first responders. Lenny and the gang from the Lenny Super Book are back. In this book they meet police officers and learn how they are heroes for keeping us safe, and also our neighbours family and friends. After reading the book, you child can use it as an autograph book to thank first responders they meet and ask them for their autograph. As in all of Lenny’s books, there is Lenny’s Question Corner – 5 questions to help parents and children to discuss the message in the book. It is common to ask rock stars or sports stars for their autograph so why not treat real-life heroes the same way? Imagine how appreciated this will make the first responders feel when children thank them and ask for their autograph. Want to give your child more fun? They can challenge friends, siblings, school mates to see who can thank the most first responders and get the most autographs.