Chief Piapot: “The Last Massacre,” book two written by Vincent Mckay.

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In the late 1870’s, Chief Piapot had Dalton build a mountain village in the mountains near the Yankee border and in 1879 he sent the dog warriors to the mountains.  Piapot named Three Killer as Chief of he mountain village.  As the village grew in numbers and other chiefs were appointed, Piapot make Three Killer ‘Chief of Chiefs.’  When Chief Three Killer died in 1889, Piapot sent for Dalton and made him the ‘Chief of Chiefs.’  The first priority was to put all the mountain people, under the age of fifty-five years, on the plains with new identification.  The second priority was to find the traitor who helped McAllister before the traitor went to the Police for protection.  This novel takes many twists and turns as Dalton carries out the instructions.  A new hero emerges as he orders the killing of the traitors and the McAllister gunfighters.