Lucy and the Hunters of the Mad Trappers written by John Crawley.

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Between these covers you will fin, not only romance in the Canadian Arctic of the early 1900s, but also adventure, mystery, murder, cannibalism, mysticism, strange happenings, and God’s work.  Relive history as it really happened.  Smell the smoke and steam aboard the Trans-Canada Limited.  Hear the mournful whistle of the Hudson’s Bay Company steamboat, the Northland Distributor.  Feel the biting cold as you cross the frozen Arctic Ocean in a dog sled.  Witness RCMP inspector Alexander Eames as he directs the hunt for The Rat River Mad Trapper.  Then take to their air with Wop May, renowned pioneer pilot, as he crosses the Richardson Mountains into the Yukon, on the way to the showdown with Albert Johnson, the Mad Trapper.  This is the true story of Lucy Bell, and amazing Canadian heroine, and of a Mountie that dies out in the snow.  It is the most extraordinary account of how Lucy will not rest until she is sure that the Mountie will never be forgotten.  However, remember that this is also an account of Lucy’s coming of age and her story finding true love.  Grab a cup of steaming hot coffee and a box of tissues.  Get ready to laugh, get ready to cry, get ready to meet Lucy.