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From Sea To Sea was created by Carleen Ross:
A creative art series representing the RCMP.
Released for Canada’s 150 celebration.

13″ H X 19″ W

On Patrol, stands for all those that will continually look out for others. Whether it is
their child, a friend, a co-worker, a neighbour or even a stranger that is in need of
assistance. It is for all those that put their needs above others, in order to help; this is
what an RCMP officer will encounter on any given day.
It is truly hard to say where all the inspiration came from for this piece. This is the one
image that I did not personally take in this series but came from my father, John Rogers.
I was extremely busy with my boys one weekend. So my father, unknown to me, went
out to Elk Island National Park to take some more reference photos for me, to help me
with my series. This piece was based off the one image that struck something within
me. I could tell aesthetically that I liked how the bison looked, his searching eyes, the
colours I could see, but the story was not there. I kept looking at this bison for just over
a week before I figured it all out – he was on patrol.
Being on patrol is something that we take for granted. In my case, for gaining reference
photos; it was my father going out of his way, giving up his day to serve and help me.
Changing his day to help me out – to look out for me because he cares about me.
In the police world, people may take this action for granted. That police officer, has left
their families for the day or night to look out for the rest of us. They are the ones that
will put themselves in harms way to keep us safe and to make sure that we arrive at
home, to work, to school or where ever we are going safely. These members, these
police officers, are there to look out for us; to keep our world as safe as much as they
can within their shift, while on patrol.
To see more of Carleen’s work please visit:
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