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Celebrate the RCMP and its 100 years as Canada’s national police force with this beautiful coin! Order today!

In 2020, it will mark 100 years from when the Royal North West Mounted Police and the Dominion Police combined to become Canada’s national police service. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has evolved into a modern organization. But even today, the red-coated Mountie on horseback is one of the most famous faces of Canada in the eyes of the world.

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Special features:
  • AFFORDABLE SILVER COINS! You get ¼ oz. of 99.99% pure silver for $24.95, struck from some of the purest silver in the world.
  • THIS IS CANADA IN 2020! With meaningful themes that enrich our knowledge and appreciation of our country, this four-coin series marks important subjects that are the fabric of Canada. Coin #1 is a tribute to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which became Canada’s national police force 100 years ago.
  • ALSO AVALABLE AS A 4-COIN SUBSCRIPTION!  Reserve all four of the upcoming new issues and enjoy the convenience of paying only as each coin is shipped to you.
  • SPECIAL PACKAGING! Your coin comes in a full-colour custom folder. The bespoke capsule for each coin allows you to pop it out of the packaging, to get a close up view of the coin.


The engraved image features a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on horseback. The reverse also includes the word “CANADA” near the curved rim and flanked by maple leaves, while the face value “5 DOLLARS” and the year “2020” are inscribed below. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

“This coin kicks off a great new series that focuses on big Canadian moments, and it begins with a celebration of the RCMP – a truly Canadian icon! This is a must-have series for your collection.” Erica Maga, Product Manager, Royal Canadian Mint

As an artist, I love re-constructing and adapting classic designs to bring them into the present. The original sculpted model was slightly outdated so instead of re-creating it, I enhanced its elements. Notice how the horse anatomy is more prominent; the staff is also straighter, the hands and gloves are more accurate, the reins are more detailed and the officer’s facial features are sharper.” Alex Tirabasso, Engraver/3D Artist, Royal Canadian Mint

Did you know…
  • The Stetson hat is a famous element of the RCMP uniform, and they’re all crafted in Guelph, Ontario. How can you tell if it’s a real RCMP hat? Look inside – it should include a stamped “RCMP-GRC” and a contract date as proof of authenticity.
  • The RCMP Musical Ride is a full troop of 32 uniformed riders (as well as the member in charge) that famously performs choreographed cavalry drills to music. Its origins can be traced back to the early days of the North West Mounted Police, when members would entertain themselves in-between drills by competing and performing tricks.
  • In 1919, legislation was passed to merge the Dominion Police (a small federal force created in 1868) and the Royal North West Mounted Police (a frontier force created in 1873). On February 1, 1920, Canada’s newly merged police force was named the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.