Saskatchewan Coroner written by Dr. Barry Heath.

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Dr. Barry Heath is a veterinarian with diplomas in clinical pathology and epidemiology.  He serves as a coroner in Saskatchewan for 24 years.  Barry was a Remedial Measures Specialist with Transport Canada from 1987 until 2006, responding to road and rail accidents involving dangerous goods from Ontario to British Columbia.  Dr. Heath served on the board of the Saskatchewan Emergency Planners Association, including the position of President.  He has been on the board of the Saskatchewan Safety Council since 2002.  Barry was appointed to board of the Automobile Injury Appeal Commission and has served as a panel member since 2008.  This book explains the variety of death investigations coroners deal with.  There are cases of suicide, murder, accidental and unexplained deaths.  There is a discussion on the Coroner Service in Saskatchewan, organ donation, a new cremation method, infant deaths, funeral traditions and rites, and inquests held about the deaths in various jails or holding facilities.  Barry also discusses some case histories leading to recommendations that were accepted.