The Devil’s Gap: The Untold Story of Canada’s First Suicide Bomber written by Joe Ralko.

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In today’s world, suicide bombers have become frighteningly common.  Every day we hear of another atrocity committed in the name of hatred or chaos.  It hasn’t always been that way.  When Paul Higgins walked into the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Kenora, Ontario, few people had even heard of a suicide bomber.  In this summer tourism mecca on the north shore of the Lake of the Woods, nothing dangerous ever happened.  Then, Higgins rigged himself up to a bomb with a Dead Man’s Switch, and everything changed.  Author Joe Ralko is finally telling the story of Paul Higgins, the bank, the town, the bomb, and what happened next.  As a high school student, he watched everything go down.  Ralko combines this eyewitness account with historical research to examine the who and the why of Canada’s first suicide bomber.