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From Sea To Sea was created by Carleen Ross:
A creative art series representing the RCMP.
Released for Canada’s 150 celebration.

19″ H X 13″ W

Troop, is to show the camaraderie of having those around you with the same beliefs, the same
path of truth and justice. To know that there are always others who can help you along the way,
and those that will always have your back.
This piece is to show the enjoyment one can have working with others that have the same
beliefs of maintaining the right. Being able to get to calls and present yourself to the public, but
to do it with pride, professionalism and composure. Following each others movements to keep
the group safe, but at the same time thinking independently to make the right decisions that
need to be made.
When I took the reference photo for this piece, I first saw this group of bison running through a
heavily wooded path, at Elk Island National Park in Alberta. I waited for this group of male
bison to emerge, from the woods that they had disappeared into. Then suddenly they came
charging over the ridge. The male bison in the front was the leader of the group, as when ever
he stopped the other two would follow his lead. If he was unsure they were doubly unsure.
The enormous strength and size that these animals have is hard to describe; but being in their
presence was very humbling. The leader kept his eyes on me as I crouched down behind a deer
fence to take my photos of him. What struck me most about him was his eyes. He was cautious
of me, but yet he reminded me of my dog at home, as there was a sense of silent gentleness and
strength within his gaze. As long as I did not move to fast and allowed him the distance he
needed to feel safe; then I was not in harms way. He was gracious enough for me to take photos
of him for about ten minutes, before he ran off with his troop following his lead.
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