June 5, 2022

We want to thank students and teachers from Regina Balfour Collegiate for recently taking part in a special educational pilot project at the RCMP Heritage Centre. The program took part on Red Dress Day and part of it unfolded at the Place of Reflection near the Centre, where students learned the importance of smudging and prayer. This important day was a collaboration of our special partners to engage approximately 100 youth to learn more about the significant role of Indigenous women in their families, communities, and nations. They learned the importance of smudging ceremonies, and examined historical and current societal attitudes towards Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ that perpetuate ignorance, racism, sexism, and discrimination and place them at high risk of becoming victims of violence. Students also met with a panel of police officers where they examined past and current police practices and protocols, and how these may or may not be evolving to address community needs. Reconciliation is a long and meaningful process, and the RCMP Heritage Centre is driving efforts to be part of the conversation to help achieve calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Report. Very special thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the Place of Reflection Committee for facilitating this first for the RCMP Heritage Centre.