Appropriate for Grades 6-12

About the Program:

The Place of Reflection is a sacred place located near the RCMP Heritage Centre. It has been created through a long-term and very meaningful partnership with Indigenous partners, the RCMP and the RCMP Heritage Centre. The Place of Reflection education program is a new initiative at the RCMP Heritage Centre. The focus of the program is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirited + (MMIWG2S+). The National Injury into MMIWG2S+, Calls to Justice state the importance for education facilities to educate and provide awareness to the public about MMIWG2S+ people, and about the issues and root causes of violence they experience. All curriculum development and education programming has been done in partnership with Indigenous Peoples, especially Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people. The education and awareness will include historical and current truths. It will include, but not be limited to, teaching Indigenous history, law, and practices from Indigenous perspectives.

The program will be delivered with an awareness of the importance to provide an environment that supports a trauma-informed approach.

This program will require consultation with the programming team and pre teaching.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the significant role of Indigenous women in their families, communities, and nations.
  • Examine historical and current societal attitudes towards Indigenous women, girls and 2S+ that perpetuate ignorance, racism, sexism, and discrimination and place them at high risk of becoming victims of violence.
  • Review the mandate of the National Injury into MMIWG2S+ and the recommendations in the Calls to Justice.
  • Understand the role policing plays in changing attitudes.
  • Empathize with the loss that families have suffered and the importance of remembering and honouring their lives and memories and how this led to the development of The Place of Reflection.
  • The participants will respect and honour the memory of many MMIWG2S+ by participating in a water or tobacco ceremony at The Place of Reflection.
  • Learn about action and awareness that have led to empower change. (Missing Persons Week, Red Dress Day, Vigil)
  • Examine the cause, effect and actions required to create positive change.


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