A stand-alone, not-for-profit, charitable organization mandated to share the story of the RCMP.

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The RCMP Heritage Centre is a stand-alone, not-for-profit charitable organization mandated to share the story of the RCMP with the world.  The Centre has a few very specific campaigns and opportunities it promotes to donors and corporate partners, and gratefully accepts donations from individuals, troops and corporate partners through the Friends of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre (Friends).  The Friends are a separate volunteer driven board mandated to support of the Centre and the RCMP Historical Collections Unit through volunteerism and monetary contributions.  They act as another layer of governance and accountability for your donations.  The Centre’s management team is in constant contact with the Friends Board of Directors who determine contribution amounts and timelines based on the Centre’s performance, needs and priorities.


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Need more information about donating to the RCMP Heritage Centre and/or the Friends?  Please call the Centre at 306-522-7333 or email: info@rcmphc.com.

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