For a modest cost, similar to monthly giving, you can make a substantial gift to the RCMP Heritage Centre through a gift of life insurance.

By making the RCMP Heritage Centre the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you ensure that the Centre will receive the death benefit of the policy.

You can donate an existing policy or purchase a new policy.

Benefits to you:

The gift is flexible. You can structure the policy so that you only pay premiums for a limited time, select the number of payments, or even make a single payment to set up and prepay the policy. The arrangement you choose will depend on your objectives, the needs of those close to you, and your age.

You can choose when you receive the tax benefits.

Receive the benefits in your lifetime – transfer ownership of a new or existing policy to the RCMP Heritage Centre. You will receive a charitable donation tax receipt for the cash surrender value each year, plus you will receive a charitable donation tax receipt annually thereafter for the annual premiums paid.

Your estate receives the benefits – designate the RCMP Heritage Centre as a beneficiary of a new or existing policy. Upon your death, your estate will receive a charitable donation tax receipt for the value of the death benefit. This can help offset any estate taxes that may occur.

Gifts of Life Insurance are not subject to probate fees. Therefore, they are paid quickly.

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