Gift of securities is an easy and cost-efficient way to donate to the RCMP Heritage Centre. Since 2007, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) made a crucial regulation change for taxpayers by providing them with a tax benefit through donating securities instead of cash to a charity.

Advantage of donating securities

When you donate appreciated stocks, mutual funds, employee stock options or flow through shares through your brokerage account to the RCMP Heritage Centre brokerage account, you will receive a charitable tax receipt and you will pay no tax on the capital gains of your appreciated securities.

Why your support is so important to us?

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, the RCMP Heritage Centre relies solely on donations from the Community in order to keep programming running and to upkeep this extraordinary building designed by Arthur Erickson. We are dedicated to sharing the remarkable Canadian history of our celebrated RCMP. Your generous support allows us to continue sharing the real stories of the Red Serge.

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