By 1885, law and order had been firmly established in the Northwest Territory by the NWMP. Led by the likes of James Macleod, James Walsh, and Sam Steele, the Force had suppressed the whisky trade, build amicable relationships with indigenous tribes across the prairies, and helped build the Canadian Pacific Railway linking eastern Canada to the western territory and paving the way for settlement.

In these earlier years, however, a Mounted Policeman’s job included more than just dealing with crime. They also helped homesteaders locate their acreage and checked in with them regularly, they distributed seed grain, delivered mail, reported on crop and soil conditions, acted as magistrates and judges on their frontier, and put out prairie fires when required.

The “Maintaining Law and Order” exhibition also explores the Northwest Campaign of 1885. This violent and tragic confrontation between the Canadian government and Métis remains controversial to this day. Visitors can explore the Campaign through three different points of view: the Métis, the Cree, and the NWMP.

Make sure you take time to explore the “Campsite of the March West” tent, proudly sponsored by Greystone. On the opposite end of this exhibit is an exhibition space dedicated to early life at RCMP Academy ‘Depot’ Division, proudly sponsored by Conexus Credit Union. This exhibit is worth exploring, especially if you plan on taking a tour or attending a live event at RCMP Training Academy ‘Depot’ Division.