During the tumultuous 20th century, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) developed from a frontier force patrolling the territories of the country, into a modern national police force. Along the route, the Mounted Police faced many significant challenges: the Winnipeg Strike of 1919 and the “On-to-Ottawa” 1935 riots at Regina, Cold War espionage and the October Crisis 1970 in Quebec, just to name a few. Yet, even as the Force modernized, Hollywood enthusiastically grabbed hold of the Mounted Policeman, creating a romantic image of the “Mountie” that has endured to this day.

The Mounted Police have not only served their country at home. They also served overseas in the major conflicts of the century, including the South African War (1899-1902), the First World War (1914-1918), and the Second World War (1939-1945). Altogether, the Force’s experiences during the 20th century have served to make the RCMP more active and diverse than ever before in its history. This exhibit is proudly powered by PCC, Power Corporation of Canada.